Mini-exhibition at Aviodrome, Lelystad
Mini-exhibition at Aviodrome, Lelystad
MoonMission 2030

is a collaboration between Recycle Valley (Amsterdam) and Jorick de Quaasteniet (The Hague). Our main goal is to retrieve a plastic bag that has been left on the Moon after one of the Apollo Moon missions. With this idea in mind, we hope to create a platform on which we, as Intergalactic Environmentalists, can address the the future of the plastic pollution problem here on Earth and its possible solution(s). We do so by creating and giving workshops, giving lectures and actively engaging in the Space Community.

In this ongoing project with a self-proposed deadline in the year 2030, I act as a visual designer, creative director and an educational support.

The project was launched during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven in 2017, was part of GROUND Festival in The Hague, and has been published in VISIONS BY magazine and RUIMTEVAART magazine
In Stone

This short video is an attempt at creating an analogue of digital and physical preservation. The piece of stone, and its inscriptions, are slowly buried by sand, while a digital copy of it slowly takes shape, pixel by pixel, particle by particle. Which of the two will be better preserved?

The piece of stone was part of a collective performance by VISIONS BY magazine during the Dutch Design Week 2018. Visitors were asked to inscribe a message in the stone, which was cut in pieces and distributed amongst the contributors of the magazine, along with the request to preserve it in any way deemed fit.
Intergalactic Environmentalists

With the rapid expansion of the human environment into outer space, it is time that the definition and understanding of the concept of environment is also expanded. Is the environment only defined by the reach of humankind? How do we interact with new environments? What consequences will our interaction with these environments have? These, and many more, are questions that arise concerning the human colonisation of outer space.

With new environments come new environmentalist movements, Intergalactic Environmentalists aims to fill that gap, and create a platform on which to address and discuss these questions.

In collaboration with Recycle Valley.
Printed poster @ ESA-ESTEC
Physical prototype @ ESTEC-SPACE EXPO
Physical prototype @ ESTEC-SPACE EXPO
Restoring the Geophysical Dynamics of the Earth < > Moon Relationship

What happens when we only take from the Moon and don’t give back? Will we disturb the equilibrium that has kept our moon in orbit around the planet that we inhabit? If so, what could be the consequences? To avoid this, I propose to somewhat restore the balance by returning a small amount of aluminum, one of the most common metals in both the Earth’s and the Moon’s surface, back to the Moon.

The project is part of the Moon Gallery initiative.
The Distance to Mars

In this project I created my own space agency (Initiative for Celestial Exploration) and travelled to Mars to prove that, when applying the right tools and skillset, requirements are non-existent when it comes to space travel. The project included the design of spaceships, capturing photos of the Martian surface and collecting Martian rock samples. These were shown in the form of an exhibition with physical samples and objects, an Astronaut's Handbook, a geological photobook, an interactive holographic spacecraft display and a broadsheet newspaper which acted as the carrier of both the research and results of the Mars mission.

Presented at:
Graduation show KABK 2016
Dutch Design Week 2016
Zeeuwse Lichting 2016

Newspapers left: 5 (€15,- excl. postage)
What's in a Circle?

How does the scale of a circle affect the interpretation of it? This publication contains photographs of my visual research into the exciting world of circles. By playing with perspective, surface, scale and contrast I wanted to see how far the limits of this closed shape could be stretched, and if it has any potential for future extraterrestrial communication purposes.

Copies left: 5
Price: €8 (excl. postage)
Outer Space Treaty Patches

For the ICE's first manned mission to Mars, a selection of words was made from the Outer Space Treaty, also referred to as Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space. This Treaty was also redesigned to fit in the pocket of a spacesuit and was brought to Mars during the first ICE mission.

Patches left: 1 set of three patches (€15,- excl. postage)
Vluchtmaat Identity

"Vluchtmaat is an independent prototype of a socially conscious society within the city of Amsterdam. On one hand it is an economically sustainable housing model for refugees in limbo, and on the other hand, it is a stimulating workspace for socially engaged citizens and entrepreneurs."

The Vluchtmaat prototype, managed by Stichting Noodzaak, was nominated for a Dutch Design Award in the Habitat category during the 2017 Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Working together with photographer Katarína Gališinová we documented the concept and created the exhibition design, including a printed handout containing photos, text and infographics.

Interested in Vluchtmaat?
Send me an email at to receive a free copy of the printed handout.
The Boy Who Couldn't Catch the Ball

Identity for the graduation project of photographer Martijn Mendel.


"A selection of graduates from the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague) and Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam) and their venture into film, animation and documentary."

Inbetween is a cinematic event held at Lumen in Delft. Initiated by Pleunie Franke and me, the event is organised as a way of showcasing the work of freshly graduated artists, and to give them an oppurtunity to talk about their work in an environment that differs from that of the academy.

Visit the website.

The visual identity of the event consisted out of silkscreened pearly posters, flyers, animations, a website and a trailer which was shown in the cinema.
CBK Zeeland Annual Report

Annual report for Centrum voor Beeldende Kunsten, Vormgeving en Architectuur, Zeeland.

150mm x 210mm
Pantone 3395 U
260 copies
As a self proclaimed Space Explorer and Intergalactic Environmentalist, my work revolves around the possibilities of 21st century space exploration. I use digital software, technology and freely accessible data to extend my senses beyond the physical limitations that my body, gravity and an Earth bound existence inflict upon me. My work is an ongoing research investigating the human environment and the expansion of it. I work closely together with environmental, space and cultural organisations, to create a convergence of design, art and science.

Extraterrestrial Soliloquies — Bachelor thesis
Intergalactic Environmentalist
+31 6 2688 0291

Selected exhibitions
[2019] Moon Gallery, Space Expo ESTEC
[2018] Moonmission2030, GROUND festival
[2017] Moonmission2030, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven
[2016] Zeeuwse Lichting, CBK Zeeland
[2016] The Distance to Mars, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven
[2016] The Distance to Mars Graduation Festival, KABK
[2015] Design My Privacy, Museum Of The Image
[2015] Unmapping The World, Chaumont Graphic Design Festival
[2014] We Are the Band, Plantagedok Amsterdam
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